Drain Cleaning Services in South East Michigan

Drain Cleaning

  • Main Sewer Drain Clogged?
  • Kitchen Drain Backing Up?
  • Bathroom Sink Draining Slow or Not at All?
  • Bathtub Won’t Drain?

The expert plumbers with Kennedy Plumbing & Heating can tackle whatever type of drain cleaning help you need. Our drain cleaning service can handle even the most stubborn obstructions, clearing your pipes so that your home’s water is once again flowing as it should.

Common Reasons Drain Cleaning is Needed

There are several reasons why you may need to call a plumber to come to your home and unclog drains. No matter what the cause of your issue, our drain cleaning service professionals will take care of you as quickly as possible.

  • Broken pipes – Pipes can break for a variety of reasons, including tree roots, improper installation and age. When a pipe breaks, it can eventually collapse and lead to a drain clog. You should never try fixing this problem on your own – always call a plumber.
  • Debris such as foreign objects – Objects such as soap, hair, food and even small toys can become lodged between your drainpipe and your pipes. These will eventually obstruct the flow of your water before causing a clog. Also, if too much toilet paper is flushed down your toilet, or sanitary items are flushed, a clog can occur.
  • Outside clogs – Heavy rains can easily result in a need for drain cleaning. Outside drains are typically not designed to handle large volumes of water, and can easily become stopped up due to debris such as dirt and leaves.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

Kennedy Plumbing & Heating is ready to help whenever you need us, and we’ll come armed with advanced, powerful equipment that will quickly locate the cause of the clog so that we can fix the issue as fast as possible.

At Kennedy Plumbing & Heating, we provide reliable plumbing repair and installation for customers. Rest assured our qualified staff of technicians will take care of whatever problem you are experiencing quickly so that you can get back to normal. Call us at 248-474-0309 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

We can take care of all your drain cleaning issues!

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